Kitchen Exhaust Systems

We design, fabricate and install kitchen exhaust systems which are highly efficient and function problem free for long time. The kitchen hoods are placed above the ovens / stoves and are of stainless steel construction of desired finish. \the hoods include oil filters which remove most of the oil from the exhaust air and are collected in oil cups. The ductings are connected via GI ductings to the centrifugal blower installed on the roof. The Blowers are belt driven to isolate the motor from temperature and oil. Grease taps are provided to drain oil and a maintenance door is provided for periodic cleaning and maintenance. Access doors are also provided in the ducting for inspection and periodic cleaning.

The system can be equipped with fresh air system with an additional fan pumping fresh air towards the hood and is dispersed downwards from the hood to recompensate for the displaced air, and also to reduce airconditioning losses.