Axial Fans

Here at Dynamic Fabrication, we manufacture Axial fans ranging from size 12″ diameter to 50″ diameter. These fans have numerous application like ventilation, exhaust, etc. They can be stand mounted as mancoolers, and can be inline ducted. We use high quality motors from Brazil or Europe, the client can also specify any brand if they opt for. Available in Variable speeds, can be Belt or direct driven. Just tell us what size or the capacity ( CFM / CMH ) needed and we will select the fan for you. Portable Ventilation fans can be connected to a flexible ducting and can be used for extracting dust/ smoke from basement or a construction site.


  • Casing : Mild steel  Epoxy Finish,
  • Impellers : Aluminium casted
  • Drive :  Belt / Direct
  • Stainless steel construction optional.


  1. Mancoolers ,
  2. Inline ducted,
  3. Variable pitch type impellars,
  4. Bifurcated fans ( Motor is islolated from the air stream, used in hot air applications
  5. Explosion proof ( for chemical / gaseous environment, we use high quality explosion proof motors)
  6. Portable Ventilation Fans ( with an adapter to clamp flexible ducting)

We manufacture

a) Explosion proof fans ( Fans for hazardous area )